Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Welcome to a new sight just for....PrayerTime!! Tuesday.....we will be posting your Prayer if you have a physical, emotional, spiritual, or situational need that you would like our ministry and those Prayer Partners in BloggyLand to pray about please leave specific requests in our ministry mailbox at parenthesis after the request will be the name of a prayer listed in PrayerBook One...this prayer can be used to "prime the pump" in praying for these folks.!!!


Updated: Has just completed pre-surgical testing for his open heart surgery on Monday, September Loyola....the Dr. has decided to wave his fee's for this surgery.....PRAISE GOD, the Provider!!!

: We have just finished the consultation with Dr. Bakhos of Loyola......where open heart surgery for Dominick is scheduled for Monday, September 28 at 5:15AM....Here is our prayer request: Dr. Bakhos is going to look at all of the testing that Dominick has had done and make a determination whether or not he could possibly do this surgery through the side instead of cracking the chest bone....Recovery time would be cut in at least 1/2.....Thank you for your prayers for this request and as we have always said..."WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!"

Dominick is the 27 year old boyfriend of my daughter, Karissa for the past 2 years....they will be celebrating this milestone of dating on August 28, 2009 at my son, Justin's wedding.

In the Fall of 2008 during a routine health physical there was found a rare heart tumor in his left ventricle. This began the long process of tests, hospitals, doctors, specialists and concern. Dr. Bakhos of Loyola Hospital has determined that Dominick will need open heart surgery because
on the T.E.E. that was done on Monday, he has found that there is significant growth of this tumor.

The consult for this surgery is scheduled for Friday, August 21 at 6:30AM...and the surgery will be scheduled sometime in September. This family is reeling as we were confident that this tumor would not need surgery.


Here is the diagnosis from the Fall of 2008......8mm x 9mm lesion (LIPOMA... fatty, benign tumor) within the left ventricle attached to the myocardium and the apical lateral wall...this is very rarely found on the heart and the cardiologist is researching other WORLDWIDE cases as to the best possible treatment for Dominick...

The Tenacious Prayer of a Righteous Person is Powerful and Effective....James 5:16

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Vern: Please pray for him as he will undergo lower back fusion surgery Monday August 3 at Baptist Hospital in Miami. They will scrape out some arthritis, slipped disk, and some bone that is rubbing on nerves, sending shooting pains down his legs. He will have some of his lumbar spine screwed to a little cage to stabilize and strengthen the lower back. This will be a 5 hour surgery and we are hoping he will be released from the hospital on Friday.

The Tenacious Prayer of a Righteous Person is Powerful and Effective....James 5:16