Monday, November 9, 2009

Tenacious Prayers Needed!!

Welcome to a new sight just for....PrayerTime!! Tuesday.....we will be posting your Prayer if you have a physical, emotional, spiritual, or situational need that you would like our ministry and those Prayer Partners in BloggyLand to pray about please leave specific requests in our ministry mailbox at parenthesis after the request will be the name of a prayer listed in PrayerBook One...this prayer can be used to "prime the pump" in praying for these folks.!!!

Marty: who was diagnosed with H1N1 which has run it's course but now is struggling with double pnemonia. He is in ICU on a ventilator. Please pray that his numbers (sat rate) and lung function start to improve. (COPD Prayer)

Tuesday Update: They are checking Marty for a bacterial infection.

Wednesday Update: Marty has a fever for which they are trying to locate the source of this problem...his BP is also flucuating...

Thursday Update....Marty's lung function is decreasing...he also has a bacterial infection which they are trying to locate the source of.

Friday Update....They drained 500 mil off Marty's lung. He is breathing easier & so are we! Breakthrough; Marty's lungs have begun functioning, his numbers are stronger, they found sight of infection causing fever-a sinus infection so they are treating it-so we are seeing great strides!! TY Lord! TY God's people for prayers.

Sunday Update....Today is day 19 in ICU. Today was not a good day..his sinus infection is resistant to antibiotics and the drainage is playing havoc with his breathing. Please keep praying!

Tuesday Update.....Day 21..Marty has been moved in the same hospital to another ICU unit...his lungs are improving but SLOWLY...he is still running a low grade fever...the sinus infection is proving to be stubborn....please pray that the meds and treatments he is getting will "hit the mark" for his complete healing.

Sunday Update:

Marty's life has been mercifully spared, but now his mind is under siege by the sedation they used. Seems it builds up in the brain & then messes with your comprehension of reality. We are praying it will wear off in the days ahead. Pray for Marty's sense of safety & his ability to know what is true. Thank you my friends for your prayerful participation. Much love, Patsy.

Jackie: please pray for her safety & protection & that she be encouraged by someone to contact her parents and go back home...she is 15 years old. Please also pray for her parents who are worried sick about her whereabouts....Jackie was FOUND and brought back to her home in Georgia...PRAISE GOD!

Georgia: is struggling with a rare lung disease...ILD in addition to asthma. (COPD Prayer). She is also dealing with great pain throughout her body especially in her hands. Please pray for complete healing of this bodily pain.

Brittany: Pray for her as she heads with her Mom to Mayo Clinic. Pray that the doctor's will have the wisdom of God in determining her health condition and treatments. Traveling mercies as they come back to Indiana.

Update: Brit and her Mom are back from Mayo...she needs to stay on her meds & go back to Mayo in Feb of 2010...I would like you to pray for complete healing of all seizures for Brit...To God be the glory great things He has done!!!

Robert: has had multiple seizures in the last few days. Please pray that doctor's will be able to pinpoint the cause of these seizures & that treatments will alleviate this problem. May God heal him from head to toe!!

Dan: is hospitalized for the possibility of appendicitis & surgery to remove it. Pray also for financial provision for this surgery.

Update: he was taken into surgery and his appendix was removed but not the problem...he was diagnosed with meckel's diverticulitis. They had to remove part of his bowel and reconnect it. It was a longer more complicted surgery than expected. He will spend the next couple of days in the hospital.

Jennifer: for a healthy pregnancy and controlled blood pressure, easy delivery around February 4 and a happy healthy baby.

Gwen: who is having surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) to repair leaky heart valves. If they cannot be repaired she will need replacement valves which will include open heart surgery. Please pray that the valves will be able to be repaired and that the doctor's will be able to make the repairs quickly. (HEART PRAYER)

UPDATE: The doctor's could not repair the valves...Gwen needed open heart surgery with replacement cow valves.

Update....Gwen is having a hard time bouncing back from the open heart surgery. Please pray the (Depression) prayer also for after having your heart man-handled for this type of surgery...each and every patient feels some degree of depression....pray for her family to know how to support her.

Paul: who is having surgery today (Wednesday) pray that the doctor's have the wisdom and skill to preform this surgery and a great outcome after surgery for a healthy quality of life.

Update: Paul came through the surgery...please pray for a complete recovery.

The Prayers of Righteous People are POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE!! James 5:16