Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PrayerTime Tuesday

Jennifer: for a healthy pregnancy and controlled blood pressure, easy delivery around February 4 and a happy healthy baby.

please pray for healing from mono virus which has lead to pneumonia, a collapsed lung & MRSA. He also has suffered a bleeding ulcer & hepatitis A. He has lost 10 lbs. and must be on bed rest until Christmas.

Anne: This is the daughter of Vern, who fell into wood chips taking down Christmas lights in Jan of 2009. She has had a fusion and reshaping of her right ankle...She will have a pic-line inserted into her heart to infuse antibiotics...she is also on bed rest until Christmas.

Minnie: please pray for this dear lady as she is struggling with shingles. (this is Vern's Mother in Law)

Jay: Thanks and Praise to God for a smooth procedure of the insertion of a feeding tube.

Marty: 34 days after being admitted...21 days on a ventilator, 40 lbs lighter...the man is coming home. Somebody say Amen!!! Marty had H1N1 and that ran it's course, he had double pneumonia, sinus infection and had to relearn with therapy how to walk and function.

Kent: who is having a total hip replacement on Friday, Dec 4.