Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Harper Needs Your Prayers


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post your well wishes

Hello all you folks out in BloggyLand....just wanted to let you know that you can post your well wishes to Dominick or any of the other folks listed for prayer on our blog by just clicking the comment section....typing your words and then clicking the name icon where you can leave your full name, or just your first name, or a ficticious name (just kidding). This way Dominick and others can be encouraged quickly and know on a daily basis that people are thinking and praying for them as they go through difficult seasons in their lives...

Friday, January 23, 2009


This is a post to update on Dominick, my daughter Karissa's boyfriend of over a year.......They found out this week that Dominick has a tumor on his heart....his cardiologist gave him a test today called a
TEE: (Trans Esophageal Echo of the heart)
under a twilight sleep at the hospital to look at the size, mass, texture, and location of this tumor....with the plan to remove this tumor under surgery next week.
he cardiologist is sending him to Northwestern Hospital in Chicago for an MRI of the heart (SCHEDULED for Wednesday, February 4th at 3PM) for a better look at this tumor before surgery is done....the cardiologist thinks right now that this is a myxoma tumor and Dominick may have born with this......Please pray for the MRI to give a clear picture of how this is to be dealt with...and pray the doctor has the skill, wisdom, understanding and knowledge to preform this operation...I have already asked some of you for prayer for financial provision for this necessary medical care that Dominick is going to be having...and I would ask that you continue with that prayer....also that Dominick have peace that only the Lord can give during this difficult season of his life...Please pray that Karissa stay strong and is able to communicate in a loving way to Dominick's family during this process. (HEART PRAYER)

Update: One of Dominick's doctor's is actually hoping that what has been seen is not a tumor but a muscle...please pray that is the case...and he will not need the heart surgery. Please pray that the heart MRI can be scheduled at either Northwestern or Rush expediently...this is a two hour procedure where Dominick will have to lay still and quiet during this time. Right now the waiting is the hardest for him and trying to get everything into place...We thank you all for the prayers!!

The Tenacious Prayer of a Righteous Person is Powerful and Effective....James 5:16

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tuesday Request 01-06-09

Welcome to a new sight just for....PrayerTime!! Tuesday.....we will be posting your Prayer if you have a physical, emotional, spiritual, or situational need that you would like our ministry and those Prayer Partners in BloggyLand to pray about please leave specific requests in our ministry mailbox at parenthesis after the request will be the name of a prayer listed in our PrayerBook!! Tenacious Prayers One...these can be used to "prime the pump" in praying for these folks...

Karissa: who will be having hand surgery at Ingalls on Monday, January 12, 2009 to repair the flexor tendon of her right hand and remove debris due to the dog attack. Please pray for peace during this procedure...for skill and wisdom for the doctor...complete healing and full range of motion for this hand.
Karissa had the hand surgery and everything went well...the doctor's thinks she will get most function back. She had the stitches taken out but re-casted for another week. She goes on 01-29-09 to get the second cast off and to start in hand physical therapy...please pray for the pain that she will experience as she does not have a high pain tolerance.

Betty Ruth:
please pray for comfort and peace for this dear woman as she is now in hospice care in her home. (CANCER)

The Tenacious Prayers of a Righteous Person are Powerful and Effective!!! James 5:16