Friday, January 23, 2009


This is a post to update on Dominick, my daughter Karissa's boyfriend of over a year.......They found out this week that Dominick has a tumor on his heart....his cardiologist gave him a test today called a
TEE: (Trans Esophageal Echo of the heart)
under a twilight sleep at the hospital to look at the size, mass, texture, and location of this tumor....with the plan to remove this tumor under surgery next week.
he cardiologist is sending him to Northwestern Hospital in Chicago for an MRI of the heart (SCHEDULED for Wednesday, February 4th at 3PM) for a better look at this tumor before surgery is done....the cardiologist thinks right now that this is a myxoma tumor and Dominick may have born with this......Please pray for the MRI to give a clear picture of how this is to be dealt with...and pray the doctor has the skill, wisdom, understanding and knowledge to preform this operation...I have already asked some of you for prayer for financial provision for this necessary medical care that Dominick is going to be having...and I would ask that you continue with that prayer....also that Dominick have peace that only the Lord can give during this difficult season of his life...Please pray that Karissa stay strong and is able to communicate in a loving way to Dominick's family during this process. (HEART PRAYER)

Update: One of Dominick's doctor's is actually hoping that what has been seen is not a tumor but a muscle...please pray that is the case...and he will not need the heart surgery. Please pray that the heart MRI can be scheduled at either Northwestern or Rush expediently...this is a two hour procedure where Dominick will have to lay still and quiet during this time. Right now the waiting is the hardest for him and trying to get everything into place...We thank you all for the prayers!!

The Tenacious Prayer of a Righteous Person is Powerful and Effective....James 5:16


Char in Crete said...

Dominick, praying today (Wednesday) that your MRI will get scheduled this week or next and that you will have peace as only the Lord can give during this process.

Char and Lois said...

Hey know us "Church Ladies" have you covered in tenacious prayer...Keep your hopes in the Lord as He never fails...Praying for you to be a picture of good health from head to toe...

PJS said...

Hi, Dominick I am a long time friend of Char (old school friends in Crete, I am now in Ohio), saw your photo in the Christmas card-wondering who this young man was in the family, prayed for you this week, and will continue to pray that the Doctors will give you the best of care with wisdom that can only come from our Father above.
Love, "Aunt" Pat