Monday, March 16, 2009

Dominick Update

Today...Dominick is waiting for a call from Loyola Medical Center for an appointment with one of the cardiologists on staff there....please pray that they will be able to get him in as soon as possible as the schedule is booked until the middle of April......and please pray that Dominick will get through the mountains of paperwork and questions that are being asked of childhood health problems and acquiring health records...his originals are all lost.

Praise the Lord.....Dominick got a call today (WEDNESDAY) from Loyola and the staff of Dr. Bakhos in cardiology....who has looked at some of Dominick's records and wants him in on NEXT TUESDAY AT 6:30 AM!!!!
And we have been able to acquire most of the records, except those from 25 years ago from Children's Memorial (the doctor who worked with Dominick way back then, Dr. still practicing there)....God is making a way to obtain those records also...WAY TO GO GOD!!!

We thank you in advance for your continued prayer support for Dominick's health, his spirits and financial situation!!

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