Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Pastor Gerry: went to the hospital last night with chest
He is submitting to all kinds of tests--failed his stress
so he's having an angiogram tomorrow (Monday). Pray
that there's nothing
seriously wrong and that he doesn't
need an angioplasty.
Update: Pastor Gerry's heart can be treated with medication...
Praise the Lord for
this wonderful report!

Baby Micah: Who is 5 mos old. has been having problems breathing while sleeping for about 2 months. Today they did a CT of his lungs and have found a mass. The radiologist is pretty sure it is some form of pediatric cancer. Please pray for the parents, Seth and Melinda and brother, Noah. Seth is in Seminary. This family lives in St. Louis.
UPDATE:Micah came through surgery well. He was able to be
removed from the respirator without incident.They removed
a golf ball sized tumor. They removed all of the tumor and the
diagnosis is Neuroblastoma.This means he will be back at the
hospital next week for more scans, sedation etc.
Please continue to lift this family up and the doctor's to
have godly wisdom in the treatment of this sweet child.

The Tenacious Prayer of a Righteous Person is Powerful and Effective....James 5:16

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