Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The Tenacious Prayer of a Righteous Person is Powerful and Effective....James 5:16

Grayson: a six month old baby boy....needing gall bladder surgery!!! Poor thing...please lift him up and we will keep you posted!

is having a new treatment (infusion) for her disease-occular cicatricial pemphigoid (ocp). It is Rituxan. The treatment like all of hers is experimental, because there is no treatment for OCP as it is a very rare auto immune disease.
Please pray that all goes well with the treatment and the side affects do not cause any more health problems or exacerbate the ones she already has. Please also pray for a miracle of complete healing!
Update: Another treatment on Wednesday, July 1.

17 year old
Ben of St. Paul. suffering from 2nd degree burns to his face and 3rd degree burns from his neck to his shins....because of a bonfire accident. He is on a ventilator, feeding tube and in a medically induced coma. Pray also for the friend who is responsible for causing this accident.

Tori's Grandfather,
he is bleeding internally. Please pray the doctor's
are able to find the source of the problem and be able to treat him. He lives in Tenne
ssee and is hospitalized there.
the bleeding has been found in the colon....he has been treated and sent home!!!

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