Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday Requests 09-02-08

***Carrie: complete healing of a birth defect involving a malformation by her heart of extra veins. They are eradicated through special procedures involving injection of alcohol into the extra veins causing a sclerosis of the vein. These procedures are performed by only one doctor and he is in Denver CO. Pray for Carrie, and her medical team, as she has had 1 surgery yesterday and another today. Pray against infection (cellulitis and blood clotting).

***Vanessa: has a lawsuit against a major airlines after losing her job and requests prayer for all the exhibits to be ready for the status hearing on Sept.15. Then a jury will be selected and the trial will begin in Nov. Pray for God's justice in her case.

***BettyRuth: for relief of pain she is experiencing because of the cancer. (CANCER)

***Gramma Ruth... as she prays about her current health condition...and for the doctors to seek the Great Physician as to the best medical treatment for her. (HEART)

***Dan...for neck pain relief, correction, and healing specifically of C5, C6, and C7...and for the best treatment for this outcome.

***Gayle...for doctors to get to the bottom of her great bodily pain...and healing of that pain.

***Lucy...for complete healing of melanoma on her right leg...and a cancer free report. (CANCER)

***The Madany Family: comfort for each one for the home-going of Shirley.
Our dear friend is now whole, healthy and leaping for joy...hand in hand with her Savior, Jesus!!!

Final Journal Entry:

The Tenacious Prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective!!! James 5:16


Char and Lois said...

Gramma Ruth said...

After seeing her three long term care doctors they each have advised Gramma Ruth against having either of the two (suggested by the hospital doctors) surgeries (3 stents to the heart/stent to the right carotid) but to continue on the new medications and be retested in another year. She "thanks" everyone for their concern and faithful prayers on her behalf during this process.

Char and Lois said...

Praise God for a cancer free report for Lucy on her leg.