Friday, November 14, 2008

Tuesday Requests 11-11-08

Nikki: has been doing well with only minor low blood cell counts. She has continued chemo infusion treatments at Northwestern every other Wednesday & started a new chemo pill three weeks ago.
...Wed. early afternoon as Nikki receives her chemo infusion...peace & His presence...treatment will go smoothly & timely...Nikki will feel OK (usually she's so cold, tired & feels "crummy")
...Friday, 1:00 - Northwestern for her MRIs...peace and His presence that scans will go smoothly & quickly (last time took 2hrs 45min) her back & other areas won't hurt from lying still so long (especially with four fractures in her back)
Update: Nikki came through the MRI in around 2 hrs 10 minutes...she had some back pray that pain and fractures in her back are healed.
...Tuesday, 11/18 at 9:00am - meeting with Dr. Raizer to find out the results of the scans... peace and His presence...God's healing - chemo effective in shrinkage of tumor/or stable tumor (CANCER PRAYER)

Peggy: IS still alert & talking...she still does not move or eat anything but a teaspoon or two of ice cream a day (CANCER PRAYER)
Update: For a few days she looked towards the ceiling and said "the angels are coming." They came for Peggy on Saturday, November 15 at around 6AM.

Jerry: had valve replacement surgery as scheduled...he was taken off the ventilator and has had some stroke-like symptoms...pray for him to be able to swallow correctly. Thursday he received a pace maker...he will be in CVU until the weekend (HEART PRAYER)
Update: Pray comfort for Jerry as he is told that his wife, Peggy has passed away.

The Tenacious Prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective!!! James 5:16

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