Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday Requests 09-23-08

***Peggy and her husband, Jerry: Peggy who is hospitalized at Munster Community. She is very weak and tired. Pray for good blood counts (Pray the Cancer/Treatments Prayer and Depression Prayer). Jerry who needs a heart valve replacement and has other multiple heath issues going into this surgery. (Pray the Heart Prayer) Pray for wisdom for the doctors and health care providers that attend to these two dear folks who are struggling so much at the same time. (Doctor and Medical Staff Prayer)

as he prepares for the wake and funeral of his mother and now as of October 15, also his father who has passed away.

***The Woodard Family:
prayers of strength and comfort as Mrs. Woodard has died, leaving behind her husband, son and a daughter.

prayer for a right knee arthroscope to be done on Monday, Sept 29. (UPDATE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION)

The Tenacious Prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective!!! James 5:16

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Char and Lois said...

Julie is starting physical therapy for her right knee which has been diagnosed with congenital arthritis. The doctor said she may need a knee replacement in five years...pray for complete healing, range of motion, and a pain free knee.