Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Requests 11-25-08

Carrie: Surgery today in Colorado...Pray the procedure goes well and that she will experience complete healing. Traveling mercies.

Dr. Raizer said tumor is "holding it's own, it's good " but the new chemo pill really hasn't had time to have a major effect, since Nikki has only taken it for three weeks. Due to some low counts, he's decided to up the dosage of the new chemo pill & eliminate (for now) the infusion chemo. This will give Nikki, and us, a break from going to Northwestern every other week. We'll see Nurse Laurie in a month & Dr. Raizer in eight weeks with MRIs. (Nikki said, "see you next year!") (CANCER)

He is receiving breathing treatments for the pneumonia & he still has some trouble talking because of his throat. Please also pray for normal blood counts and blood pressure and dissolving of blood clots and no new ones to be formed. (HEART) UPDATE: Jerry has been put back onto the ventilator because of his irregular breathing and is in kidney failure....they are going to give him 3 days of kidney dialysis...Pray for wisdom for the doctors and family members to make the best decisions for Jerry's future...

The Tenacious Prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective!!! James 5:16

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