Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday Requests 11-04-08

Nikki: as she has been put on a cutting edge medicine...pray against the side effects of it....pray against blood clots and low blood counts.(CANCER PRAYER)

Jerry: for strength during this very difficult health season for his wife, Peggy. Direction for the timing of his "valve replacement" surgery. Tentatively scheduled for November 5. Peace in the midst of this storm. Comfort of God. (HEART PRAYER)
Jerry was in surgery almost 7 hours & resting comfortably. They replaced the aortic valve, the mitral valve and part of the aorta due to too much plaque. Visiting hours are only 1/2 hour every few hours. Will keep you posted when he gets to a regular room in a few days.

has lymphoma & MRSA, and has developed a fever of 102; her white count is very low. If they can get approval she will be moved in the next few days to Hospice care at Manor Care. If she moves the IV antibiotics and nutritional supplements will be stopped before she leaves from St. Margaret's. She will only be given something to keep her comfortable.
Peggy had been moved to Manor Care. (CANCER PRAYER)

At one point Peggy said, "God I've had enough, please take me home". Please pray for the God of all comfort and perfect love to surround both Peggy and Jerry.

Peggy has had a remarkable past few days. Over the past few weeks she did not want visitors, but lately she has been more alert, staying awake for longer periods and seems to like when people visit & pray for her.

Vicky: Came down last week with exhaustion, weakness (could not hold the baby), fever, loss of appetite, severe pain. She has had testing which ruled out strep, rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis and mono. 2 bloodtests came back positive+ for inflammation in her muscles. Nov 6 she is going to a rheumatologist. Prayer for relief of pain, wisdom for the doctors and complete healing. (DOCTOR AND MEDICAL STAFF PRAYER)

Update: Thank you for praying for Vicky...the Lord has answered prayer as she has had complete healing from a virus that was the cause of her many symptoms.

Mrs. "C" and her sister, Evelyn: as they are both struggling so much right now with their many health conditions...they both desire to go home and be with the Lord. Pray for those family members that are dealing with many emotions of caring for relatives in this condition. Pray also for the daily decision making and tasks they are a part of for the care of these two dear ladies.

The Tenacious Prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective!!! James 5:16

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